Chrome OS might get Face Recognition before Apple OS

We have seen that Apple came up with face recognition software for its mobile products, they are now looking forward to bring the same technique to Mac Books. But speculations have risen up that Google might introduce a face recognition feature in their upcoming Chromebooks before the Implementation of Apple.

Chromebook owners are finding it hard to log into their computers, after initially unlocking the device using their Google account Password. It takes a lot of time for the entire process to run and a bit of inconvenient in the latest world when compared to logging into smartphones. As per the reports from close sources of Google,  it’s considered that Google is currently in a process of bringing this latest face recognition technology as soon as possible. With the help of this software, users can log into their chrome books by letting the machine to scan their face rather than typing a long password.

If this happens, Google will be ahead of Apple with this type of technology. Google is said to launch its next-gen Pixel book device alongside the rumored Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones in October.

You can find the major part of the commit, as spotted by the Chrome Story below.

intel: ipu3:

Add face detection
The face detection works if the mode set to FD_MODE_FULL.

The face info could be retrieved by the method getResult().
It’s disabled currently. Add metadata and enable it in the future.

In Latest Tech World, Google appears to keep the pace with a couple of its main rivals in embracing Face Unlock method. Apple came up with facial recognition with its iPhone X’s Face ID System last year. But Microsoft, since the launch of its Windows Hello Biometric Security System is working keenly on the face Unlock technology on the desktop.

Nowadays consumers are getting used to unlocking their devices just by looking at them and Google clearly is trying to stay on the trend.

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