Latest Trend in Google Assistant – Facts About Google Assistant

Google Assistant is getting smarter nowadays. It might cope up with Amazon Alexa in the race of user-friendly artificial intelligence. Amazon Alexa made an incredible progress and huge changes in its voice assistant to withstand the competition with Siri and Cortana. Google made an announcement about the update of Google Assistant which makes talking to it feel natural. In coming weeks, the company will roll out a feature which the allows the user to ask multiple questions within the same request.

Google Assistant Trends 2018

May 2016, Google first unveiled assistant at Google I/O when it launched on Google Pixel and Pixel XL Phones.  In the last two years from the launch date of google assistant, Google has spread it’s assistant far and wide not only to Google hardware but through the partnership with other companies like LG. We see google assistant in a wide range of devices starting from fridges, Speakers in cars and other devices.

As many people got to know about the update of Google Assistant, but they have a doubt what is google assistant? What does it do? How does it Work? Let me clear all the doubts running in your mind through this article.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a Google voice-controlled smart assistant. It’s originally an update or extension of Google Now – designed to be personal. Google Now has pulled out some relevant information smartly from you like, it knew where you work, it knew all your meeting locations and travel plans, it knew what interested you in at present time. Google Now brand is killed by Google a long time ago, giving same space of it to Assistant with some personalized elements with a wide range of voice control and updates.

What does it do?

Google Assistant will call restaurants, hair salons and other places to make appointments and orders on behalf of you. You don’t have to say “Hey Google” for follow up request to make continued conversations. Google Assistant will work when you are talking to it versus other people in the room. It has a new capability with multiple actions that enable you to ask for multiple things at the same time. Google has made a note that, it will release Google Assistant in six new voices by the end of 2018. One of the major voice that Google Assistant will have is singer-songwriter John Legend. Now Google Assistant is everywhere and can control everything with a full list of Google Assistant partners.

On Which devices will Google Assistant work?

Google Assistant before expanding to all Android devices was first launched on Google Pixel smartphones and Google Home in the year 2016. CEO of Google Sundar Pichai said it will soon available on all Marshmallow and later phones, even on the Apple iPhone. Currently Google Assistant is available on Android TV, Wear OS devices and Nvidia Shield plus Android Auto.

Google made a confirmation that Google Assistant will soon available in some cars. It will be available through Android Auto infotainment systems which are built directly into cars such as Audi and Volvo Vehicles. Google Assistant will help you a lot while downloading Android games from play store.

Devices and Appliances that Google Assistant Supports

As we said that Google Assistant is compatible with a lot of connected devices, from little light bulbs to massive fridges and everything between them.

We are providing some important Google Assistant Compatible devices

  •    Honeywell
  •    Canary
  •    LG Appliances
  •    Nest
  •    Osram
  •    Ring
  •    Tado
  •    WeMo
  •    Whirlpool
  •    TP-Link
  •    Samsung Smart things
  •    Philips Hue
  •    IRobot
  •    Hive

The above devices can be controlled by Google Assistant, which means you can turn lights, switches on and off and many other things.


Google Assistant is breaking the doors and walking on a path that’s very similar to Amazon Alexa. It’s also better routing out a lot of information which is giving you some better search results. Google is one step ahead with is latest Google Assistant when compared with Amazon Alexa.

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